Tuesday, October 1, 2013

That time of year is approaching..

I was talking to a friend the other day, and it came to our attention how lonely we get during the fall and winter months and why. The past two or three years, I've had my ex around so that's been awesome but I've never really sat down and spoke about how the weather psychologically and emotionally makes single people feel like shit.

School comes around, everyone in school literally hates life, has nothing fun going on or exciting to look forward to. Other than, waiting for the year to end. Therefore, having that someone to keep us amused, and comfort us through these terrible several months of school, Arctic weather, and holiday excitement is the only thing that'll make it bearable.

Then summer comes around, and for some reason it's okay to have freedom. It's kind of silly. But you all know exactly what I'm talking about it. Fall has begun, and the season that emphasis the negatives of the single life is approaching.

Now I could either mope around and be even more miserable then I already am about life, or I can be aware of it. Bug the shit out of my friends, and make the best out it.

Seasonal loneliness is a real thing. If you're single and don't agree with me. You're a liar. I don't condone name calling.. But you're a liar. 

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