Wednesday, October 2, 2013

favourite place on earth

So I've been to Disney World several times in my life. It's always been in august so everything is pretty standard. Incredible amazing, but standard.

My life dream is to go to Disney World right now, at this time of the year. It will obviously be so beautifully decorated, cause I can expect nothing less from those people, the weather would still be so amazing, well compared to Canada and it would just be super super nice. I've recently seen photos that have made me want to tear up. It has literally never, ever occurred to me wanting to go in the fall/halloween time, or Christmas time for that matter! Holy crap, I didn't even think about Christmas till I just typed it. Like I forgot Disney World and Disneyland are both in hot ass California and Florida.

This has to be done. I feel like this is a very possible dream because this time of the year is my birthday, so making it a birthday trip in the future would be perfect.

My birthday is next wednesday, october 9th.
If ya'll are wondering.

And no one is ever too old for Disney World. If you believe that, then you either haven't been before.. or you have no soul.

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