Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Well this is awkward......

This is going to be my new home.


Don't ask questions, just do it. It's going to be less of a mess, cleaner, and the fresh start is going to help me do that.

Thank you.

Wow. Apologies.

I've neglected this blog of mine for a very long time. It's been summer, and I won't say being busy has been the reason because lord knows I don't have much of a life. My mind just couldn't bring myself to write anything that I didn't feel like wasn't going to turn out super shit that I wouldn't end up deleting. I won't delete this though I've promised myself.

I read an awesome thought catalog post today, yes I still stay up to date on those. That for sure hasn't changed and it said to keep pursuing what scares you, that you think you're absolutely incapable of doing. For me, that's writing. One line in it said that she felt as though when she wrote it turned out to be shit and when she wasn't writing she felt like shit. That is exactly how I've been feeling lately. But the whole thing was one of those really cool wake up calls. That I've made this crazy choice of a career that's going to challenge me more than anything probably in my entire life and that's why it's something I'm probably meant to be doing in the first place.

I wonder all the time, if I'm making the right decision, if I should have chosen something else. What ? I have no idea. But I still question myself on a close to daily basis. It was nice to read that taking a path that terrifies the shit out of me can be a good thing and will lead to a place I want to be.

Enough of that cheesiness. I've been super happy as of late. With life. Shit (how many times have I said shit in this post) got real deep and sad and gross for a long while if you travel back. But none of that anymore. At least not for right now. I like where I'm at. I like the way things are going. I have an amazing group of friends. Two more years left of school then freedom.

Summer has been good to me. It flew by quicker than literally any summer of my entire 21 years of being alive has ever flown by. But I got to do a lot of fun stuff, have some really good times, take a chance on dates that turned out amazingly and make the most of it. Financially permitting.

Back in the writing gameeeee, here we gooooooo.