Thursday, April 18, 2013

300+ people who don't actually care if I'm alive.

I deactivated my facebook recently. Something I have tried numerous times but I always give in and get back on it, at some point. I guess I was never really ready to let go.  Look me, making this sound so serious right now. It's really not, but it is. Considering how much time I waste on it, looking at stuff about people I could absolutely care less about. But this time is for real. I also don't and never will have a twitter. Which I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself for.

It's really nice not being able to be reached so easily. Part of me is still like "oh no, like what if someone on facebook wants to message me about something?" in my mind.
....who am I kidding, I speak to like five people. max.

That's how facebook has fucked with my mind, it some how made me feel like I have all these friends, when in reality those I can rely on and actually care if I'm alive have my number and will contact me. Outside of the convenience of already being on facebook and clicking my name.

I feel like I can sort of breath. Since most people are too lazy to text me anyway.

My lack of friends is not something I am complaining about, I'm perfectly okay with it. My tolerance of people doesn't go very far anyway. So when I find people who's company I enjoy I sort of latch on to them until they probably can't stand me. Therefore my few small circle means everything to me. It's just so weird how a number of friends on a profile consisting of a bunch of random's is supposed to make someone feel "popular" for lack of a better word. That's probably not the exact word I'm looking for, but whatever.

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