Thursday, April 11, 2013

Game of thrones, sleep, eat. Repeat.

I've been off work since Tuesday. stuck at home. In my room. With my laptop. Trapped in my thoughts. I haven't been this lonely in a very very long time, considering I'm newly single and don't have a boyfriend to bug and keep me company.

The solitude, is nice to a certain extent, I should get used to this, but I kind of wish I could run away from what's worrying me. Considering schools pretty much done, I'm worrying about other things. That I just can't let go. It's annoying. And exhausting. And frustrating.

I'm not necessarily someone who enjoys being around a lot of people all the time. But I prefer spending more of my time with people I'm close with. This is something that hasn't even been happening lately, so it's been incredibly brutal for me.

I know all of my good friends are there for me, they've demonstrated that. But recently I wish they were here physically.

I need to stop complaining.

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