Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm surprised Sex and The City didn't make me realize this sooner

"Because the truth is that “slut” and the ideas that surround it only exist in girls who are insecure, at the end of the day, with themselves. When you hear the word hissed across a bar as another girl parades by in a red dress and full confidence, it is not really this woman that the speaker hates. It is herself. She was raised to believe that her worth is tied into that woman’s, and that wearing too tight of a dress or drinking one drink too many was going to erode it.
Getting women to see one another as free agents who can do whatever they like, as long as they aren’t hurting others, and be free of moral judgments is one thing. But the beginning of that really lies in getting women to see their bodies as something that is alive and vibrant and deserves every bit of happiness and pleasure that it wants to seek out."

If anyone knows me at all. They would know I spend a lot of my unproductive time on thought catalog. By a lot I mean hours upon hours reading the articles on this website. Cause they're so amazing. This quote up there is from one of the ones I recently read.

About several months ago I got pretty educated on the whole slut shaming business and now I pretty much don't us the word any more. It's funny, there are a few words I literally have cut out of my vocabulary using it in certain context (slut, retard, gay or that's gay, side note: the latter one still makes me cringe when others say it) but anyway this isn't going to advocate for that whole movement. All I will say is to go research it yourself, insecure girls need to stop using the word towards one another. BUT that is not the direction I'm going in.

We're going to focus on me here.

Where I'm going with this is my new found epiphany. For my freedom. Doing whatever the fuck I want. Not caring about other peoples standard of what's a good "number". Or if someone won't like me because I've been with this many people. Or being worried I might get it too high or have it too low. Literally, I have too much confidence in myself and society already has control over me in so many other aspects sometimes. I absolutely cannot let it have control over this awesome part of who I am. Which is my sexuality.

I know high school gives girls and boys extremely messed up perceptions about sex, not just with education but just through one another. I truly feel bad for myself at that point of my life to be honest for not smartening up sooner. But I'd really like to think that after that stage of life more and more woman will start to be more confident like the quote says seeking out whatever happiness and pleasure we want.

I don't know about you, but I can't be running around like I'm going to be getting some sort of second chance at life. It's too short to be that close minded.

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