Wednesday, November 21, 2012

look at me, getting all deep.

if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”  - Paulo Coelho

      Another one of the many quotes that have stuck out to me. Not like I'm in any sort of situation to want to say goodbye to anyone. I just thought of people I know who are relationships, that seem like they feel sort of trapped. 

        And I feel like sometimes that happens because people are scared and terrified they won't find anyone to love them or whatever in the future, which is a situation I would hate to be in. But one I also wouldn't be able to handle being in, considering when it comes to the point where you feel stuck, you're also no longer willingly in the relationship. Which is a horrible feeling, and it doesn't sound too enjoyable doing that either, as unappealing as saying goodbye to someone may be.

         I just feel like some people forget that everything will work out on it's own, and you can't control everything so tightly. If you're not happy with someone there's no reason why you wont be able to have another chance being happy with someone else. Not even in the case where you want to move on, but even if they've hurt you in some way. No one should feel obligated to stay with that person and suffer through moving past that while struggling to gain trust again, which probably won't come back. 
 I know sometimes the length of time and effort invested, is always something that is discouraging, but this quote speaks for it self. If you grow the balls, good shit will happen. 

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