Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Just Finished: Looking For Alaska By John Green

Now I know I know, this book is literally 10 years old. A couple months ago, I audio booked The Fault In Our Stars and it was the first time I ever experienced John Green's writing. Of course, I know how cool he is from his youtube channel but I never understood the hype till after finishing that book.

Still, even after the convenience that came with listening to a book on audio I was said NO. I will read Looking For Alaska, in hard copy. No matter how long it takes me to get a hold of this book.

Then randomly, when I was waiting to take the bus to Waterloo this past Thursday to visit a friend I decided I would kill time in Chapters and Starbucks. I picked up this book, under "Heather's Picks" and thought to myself, oh man I really want to read this. So I started reading a page or two, when the sweetest boy comes up to me. At this moment I had my stereo headphones on and naturally I hate when anyone talks to me when these are on my head. They're are there to drown out the world, that is there purpose and I'm not a fan of that being interrupted but for him I was nice about it and wanted to hear what he had to say when he tapped me. He told me how amazing this book was and that it was much better than The Fault In Our Stars and how much that book alone meant to him so Looking For Alaska was a must. Now I know it's technically his job to speak with such enthusiasm and love for the books that fill his place of employment but he was so genuine about how he felt about these books. Not to mention, it wasn't expensive at all. I purchased it. And barely put it down since Thursday. Although I didn't get to read any of it yesterday I just finished it after only a few days. And if anyone knows me, that's a pretty big deal because I'd like to think I'm big into reading, which I should be (as this exhausted title of being an aspiring writer I always claim) but I don't.

So finishing this book this fast is a big deal. I have too many books on my shelve half read for probably over a year or two that I haven't picked up again. It's sad and disappointing. But I don't regret continuing to put them all on hold for this book because it was so well done. I can't even really explain it.

The story was just compelling. All of it, the characters, the setting, every aspect of it. It is highly recommended.

I wish so badly I could explain in more detail why it was so amazing or why I could honestly see myself reading it for a second time, but I don't know how. It just was.

I loved every word of it. I've never really been one to say my goal as a writer is to become an author although maybe one day if I take my silly idea seriously. But if I do become one, even if I don't wherever my journey takes me, I hope to become half as good at story telling as John Green.

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