Sunday, March 23, 2014

Unmotivated. Where the fuck is summer?

I feel like I'm ready to run away or something. This winter feels like it's been going since I've been born and summer could not take any longer. Exams are going to start soon which is whatever for me because I only have one but that just means classes have ended. HALLELUJAH. I say this but the year went by so incredibly fast. I don't know how that happened. This last stretch though has me constantly really saying fuck this to everything I have to do still.

For example, I should be working on an assignment right now, but in my other tabs I currently have youtube and domino's pizza open. Because yes, I'm very seriously considering ordering a pizza. The procrastination and the hunger is too real.

I can't bring myself to care anymore about anything. Even though I know I need to. My mind can't focus very hard lately, I can't put in the extra effort unless it's on remotely close to something I am interested in. I just feel very, blah. I just want to run away, and eat all the shitty food I've been eating lately, not gain weight, and just be happy and stress free.

Why is that so much to ask out of life? I don't get it.

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