Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Single Life | The Science of Love

I'm in love and awe and admiration for the honesty, and pure innocence of this wonderfully done series. Previous to this was the science of happiness but the science of love is just as great if not better. This is the first episode I just came across and didn't realize I missed.

It's really good and the single life is obviously something many many people can relate to, including me. It was interesting to see that people's view of everyone else's intentions are so skewed and sort of negative and sceptical.

I feel like I wouldn't have said the things that went along those lines, I find myself giving people the benefit of the doubt way too much. I assume the best, or hope for the most ideal intentions every time. Which has it's good and bad sides to it.

But I would 100% say with everyone else that I would like to be in a relationship. That's a given.

It also made me think about who I would call if I had to tell someone right then and there that they carry all of these qualities I look for in a significant other (which by the way I've never entirely thought about, which I read is good to do. I need to do that). I have someone in mind, but I wouldn't be confident calling them yet because I'm not that sure they have those qualities, whatever they are. Everyone they called in the video are people they've really gotten to know, or have known for a long time. No one fits that bill along with being super all around awesome.

That's okay though.

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