Monday, March 10, 2014

A plane has disappeared.

Today my Mom was driving me to get the bus for school, because this women almost made me late and I was sitting there thinking so hard about this guy that's been frustrated me who I could probably stab in the neck. I was just thinking about like what to do next and how much I actually care and stuff like that.

Now my Mom had no idea I was thinking about these things obviously, it was in my head. All of a sudden during this contemplation of what I cluelessly thought was important she blurts out "did you hear about that plane that disappeared?" And sadly, being the disappointing and embarrassing media student that I am, I hadn't. So she told me the main gist of what's going on.

There is a fucking plane missing, and no one knows where it is. WHAT.

I didn't freak out in the car, but my mind was exploding.

Who the fuck am I sitting here, thinking about the most trivial shit I could possible think about when over two hundred people have vanished using the largest means of transportation possible. Not to mention the tons of families that are losing their minds. It brought me back down to earth so quick, the story and the impact is what made my brain explode.

There are way more important things in life to think about than whether or not a douche is gonna text me. For example sometimes, others. And not myself.

It was the weirdest epiphany, and it wasn't even 8am yet. Which means I hadn't reached the point of fully functioning but it was too obvious to ignore.

Those people are constantly in my thoughts.

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