Wednesday, January 22, 2014

That's What She Said | Beauty And Body Image - soulpancake

This is sort of left field. I realize this. Body image isn't really a topic I ever cover. But I dunno I've been having some really good days lately where I am happy with my body. And to be honest I've never been totally disappointed in the way my body looks but I've never been conscious of the times where I thought to myself, I don't even care, I look great.

I used to hate my thighs. I used to hate my arms, I thought they were too big. My skin. All of that has become so unimportant now though. Because looking at the big picture I'm stoked on the way I am.

It used to be measured by attention and comparison but not only does no one have time for that but it didn't get me anywhere near a healthy mindset of confidence.

The video is pretty insightful and I thought someone could enjoy it as much as I did.

It also also asks when do you feel the most beautiful?

I think I feel the most beautiful when I truly feel loved and cared for. That feeling when you know someone genuinely means what they are saying and demonstrates that you're important to them.

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