Friday, January 10, 2014

Super Important

Today I was at school with friends.. Three out of the several I actually have at school. And we have such a strong understanding of each other and we have the same sense of humour and notice the same things. This is probably why we've all gotten so close so fast. Any way, we pretty only talk to each other in our program and we came to the conclusion that, no body understands us. We make jokes 24/7 about life and it's literally as though no one else is even making any jokes.

Not that this makes a difference to us, or has us feeling any sort of negative way. All it does is make us laugh even more because there are some more.. Because there are some people in our circle to be honest, we don't even want to get.

It's funny how it's already been two years and we've still not been able to let any one new into the circle or really take a huge liking to anyone else we pretty much see on a daily basis. We're literally at this pretty decent sized school, but in our own little bubble or socializing. Don't get me wrong we say hey and acknowledge people all the time because our school is so small but when it comes to outside of class time it's just us.

But actually though, it's the best. Without them I would be dying at school. Not only would that mean I have zero friends.. I would also be dying. It's not even me hanging out with them is just so I'm not alone, I genuinely enjoy hanging out with these people and I don't know how my experience at this school would even be if they weren't around.

I guess I'm aiming at the fact that I have some awesome friends where we all really get each other, and I'm thankful for this bunch. They don't even know. I always say this, but I'm being incredibly specific right now, so it's different!

Which brings my other point of another friend who phoned me, who is just one of those awesome people where we really get each other and I'm thankful for. We were talking and realized that not many people really think the way we do either and look at things how we do. Not that we were talking about anything deep or philosophical, it's quit silly but we won't get into that.

What I mean is, who cares to have a million cadrillion friends.. All that matters is that you have those quality, people in your life who at the end of the day understand you. Those are the people you're going to need and vice versa.  If you don't have those people to count on then I don't even know how anyone expects to make it through life. I know, it's all awesome to know yourself and be your best friend but having an outsider opinion is always necessary and it's always necessary by the people who know you the best and genuinely care about you.

I'm not trying to preach or sound wise by any means. This is just one of those things I think are super important in life.

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