Sunday, January 12, 2014

'Her' Made Me Cry..

Not many movies really touch me at all. I'm never one to cry from anything really, and if I am everyone knows it's a big deal and I must really be hurt. I have a heart, I just don't like to show my emotions so strongly if I don't have to. Any way, this movie had be bawling my eyes out.

Now James Franco wrote a really awesome article for Vice on this movie, that I thought was super interesting. If you didn't know, he's a really smart guy and an awesome writer so I will link that here so you can go check that out. He really looks at the whole theoretical perspective behind the movie, relating it back to everyday life and our society and where it's headed. Which all made me look at the whole plot in a different way to be honest.

I thought that is something should be mentioned before I really get into why the movie is so incredibly sad. Theodore is this lonely man, who can't seem to really connect with anyone since he's separated with his wife, soon to be ex wife. Since he can't seem to bring himself to sign the divorce papers. This is just the beginning of why I started to become really sad. He gave everything to this relationship, spends all of his time reminiscing, thinking about what it was like to feel her, speak with her and he can't move past it and feel that for anyone else. It's heartbreaking.

That's why he eventually finds companionship in a computer or operating system. This operating system just gets him, they get along great. They have phone sex, basically is what it is. Any way, their relationship gets rocket but they get through it and then later in the movie all the operating systems have to leave. I read they got a virus but it doesn't say, but we'll go with that.

When Theodore and Scarlett Johansson (the os) are having this last conversation, Theordore goes I've never loved anyone as much as I loved you, and Scarlette goes I know me niether, but now I know I can.

I lost it.

It was over.


Then I couldn't stop. He literally lost the only thing he's ever truly loved that much. Like it's just gone. It was an inanimate object to begin with, but nothing could have prepared him for losing it.

I mean to be honest we can relate this back to my actually relationship life, but truly if I ever lost any of my technology devices and they were just gone forever. I'd lose my shit than as well.

So you can chose whichever reason made me cry so much.

Anyways it was an awesome movie none the less. I'd watch it again. It was worth the wait and Joaquin Phoenix was wonderful in it. (but actually though from what decent is his name?) 

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