Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This needs to stop.

I posted this on my tumblr, but I'll share here too..

This girl on my facebook, decides to rant about how girls on instagram and facebook post photo’s of themselves half naked, and in her words not mine are “slutting themselves up” for men and blah blah blah. That they should only be doing it for their boyfriends and whoever loves them. Her having an issue with that in terms of it’s just something she would never do. That’s totally fine. Her rant also included the movement women have made in the last 100 years and dates and shit and that it is setting all of us back with these photos, and that this is why we will never gain equality.

GIRL. I’m pretty sure, that is not the only reason we will not gain equality. There are 100 other reasons, why men don’t hold us as equal, whether instagram existed or not. Two, who are you to judge anyone for how they feel they want to present themselves on the social media. That’s THEIR prerogative. We need to stop saying other women are making us look bad. At this point this girl on my facebook is making herself look bad.

And with her whole historical argument, if we’ve come a long way, then we can also say that you shouldn’t be talking so negatively about other women. We should be speaking positively and holding each other up. Weather putting photos like this up makes them happy, or confident or whatever the fuck reason. It’s 2013! A girl can be smart, funny, charismatic, interesting, powerful, and in control and post whatever photo she wants. Bottom line. This person on my facebook is aiming at the idea that it’s making these girls less than. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU! That this person is talking down about other girls for what they feel they want to post on their accounts isn’t helping this “movement” either.

I would love to comment this on the facebook status, but I have no care to talk to someone SO small minded. And I don’t want to start an argument. But shit like this needs to stop.

We all know I have never posted a photo like we’re referring to on any social media but if another girl wants to. ALL THE POWER TO YOU GURL. It doesn’t effect me. How you chose to get attention cause when we post ANYTHING, that’s what we’re doing it for - attention. Point blank period. Or present yourself is all you.

I’m done.

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