Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Done. Finished. Over it. Bye

I don't care anymore. I don't care if we we ever talk again. I don't care if we ever cross paths again, if we're ever friends again. I'm done caring. I was trying not to let go purposely because I thought it was worth it. I thought you, were worth it. But I can't any more. And it's not. I wish this person all the best, but I'm done staying hopeful and contemplating continuing to fight. 

I don't even know what caused this, I'm just over it. I'm not gonna be made to be the sad one or the desperate one. I'm better than that. If someone doesn't want me in their life, even for a period of time. Then maybe it's better it just stays that way. I'm not waiting around for anyone anymore. I'm not about that life. The fact that I'm even being made to wait. Just no. No. 

I'm done.
Moving on. 

Something even better is gonna come along. 

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