Thursday, December 5, 2013

seven eight and nine - thought provoking questions

7. When is silence more meaningful than words?
When cuddling, always. In those awesome moments, talking isn't necessary and being comfortable in the silence makes it so much better.

8. What do you wish you knew?
I wish I knew, if what I hope to happen in life will actually end up happening. And I know it all depends how hard I work and all that stuff but shit happens. So I would like to know for sure. I also wish I knew I wasn't going to end up a lonely cat lady....

9. Are there chances you’ve passed up that you wish you’d have taken?
100% there is. Can I remember them? No. So clearly they weren't that important, all little things. Nothing life changing. Well actually who knows if they would have been life changing, I can look at it that way too.

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