Monday, December 30, 2013

Olan Rogers: Eat A Slice With Me Documentary - Inspiring

Anyone who knows me knows that I watch a lot of youtube. I mean, a lot. I've grown to really know what a youtuber needs to do to continuously grab my attention and keep coming back from watching one video. I'd like to think more often than not I can judge sincerity and genuine character. Even people on youtube have said, people can see right through you if you're not yourself, and it's so true.

Olan Rogers is easily one of the absolute most genuine characters I watch on youtube. He doesn't have over a million followers or been on television and all that fancy shit. He literally just does what he loves and has an amazing heart while doing. I wished more than anything to go on this tour and meet him but sadly living in Canada made that too difficult.

This was a free tour across America in which he broke even and took zero profit from. It was all about the experience and being able to hang out with the viewers, who've made it all possible.

He's one of the most inspiring people who entertain me on the internet and you can tell from his shorts, his apparel line and everything he does he puts everything into it. To produce quality work for his viewers.

People like this are people I need to take note of, and need to surround myself with. I want to accomplish big things like this.  I want to make a difference, experience new things and give back. I want to do what I love but on a big scale.

I need to work harder.

But thank you Olan for reminding me.

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