Wednesday, December 11, 2013   
"The feeling of security comes to a halt. It definitely stops when you move out. My last move was a real push in the tush because I was living on my own. Then, I turned twenty-four here… And it all kind of just trickled down in front of me in big neon words that says, "YOU’RE A GROWN UP!", and I instinctively yelled back, "FUCK YOU!" "
- Twenty Bliss

Holy crap, being twenty is so serious.. I'm in my twenties! What the fuck.
Can I go back in time. Please?
It makes me look at this part of my life as like a segment though. Remembering this is a time that I'm supposed to be learning from, I'm supposed to think what I'm feeling is love. I'm supposed to figure it out later. I'm supposed to be lost and not exactly know what to do with myself. These are all things that I'm allowed to think and feel and determine with time. I mean the whole being an adult thing is pretty shitty. But the getting to know myself part is cool. I see it now.

Cool interview though. I met this dude, he's one my favourite people probably. That exists on the internet.

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