Tuesday, December 3, 2013

first second and third - thought provoking questions

1. What is one of the nicest things someone has ever done for you?
My sister has helped pay for my tuition for university, I say this is one of the nicest thing out of everything because going to school is super important to my journey in life in accomplishing what I want to and it wouldn't have been possible without her most the time, when that time of year rolled around. So yeah, for sure that sibling really has helped me out.

2. Who/what do you love most and what are you doing about it?
This will be a better answer if I do who AND what. So who I love most minus my family because I have no choice and they're a given. Are my best friends. Like the ones I text daily who know everything happening in my life, minute minute play by plays of every crucial situation and the not so crucial ones. The ones I call shamelessly crying who won't judge me and are just there for me no matter what and vice versa. I love them more than anything. What am I doing about it, I make sure they know I'm grateful for each of them and sustaining these relationships as best I can because some of them are just like so once in a lifetime that I can't imagine replacing or letting end.

What I love is writing and music. What am I doing about it? I am writing on a daily basis (kinda) about anything. Mostly the 21 year unfortunate situation that is: my life. As for music I am always listening, reading and searching music daily. I write about music. I go to concerts. I don't mean music as in instrument I mean it as in, like bands, artists, performances etc. And I could be more invested in it (but schools on right now so gimme a break) but I'm never not invested in it so, points for that.

3. How do you show yourself that you love yourself?
Okay I'm going to grow my answer from the idea of those moments where I feel like I really love myself. So I don't care if you think my answer is silly because it's my answer. I show myself I really love myself by doing the physical things such as shaving, putting on make-up, doing my hair, putting lotion on, just getting out the shower and other awesome annoying moments like these. These are such time consuming things to do I realize this, and complain and slack on doing them all the time I admit. But they are what I do, to take care of myself and my appearance and I love myself a great amount when I feel good in my skin and these are the things I do to achieve that. Let me give you a solid example. These past few days I've been stuck in my house doing nothing. When I go a few days without wearing a real outfit or doing my hair or putting on makeup I start to feel like crapola. So tomorrow I'm hanging out with my girlfriends to get my groove back I'm gonna put on a full face of makeup, do my hair, put on some cute clothes, shave and head out the door probably overdone but I don't care because it makes me love being me and feel confident when I'm able to look my best every once in a while. 

Now I mention and label them physical things because they go in that category. Another way I show I love myself is by writing. I'm able to reflect and notice things I wouldn't normally if I didn't take the time to sit down and express them. It doesn't mean I'm always proud of my decisions or the things that happen, but it helps me learn to accept them, accept who I am, where I'm going, how things are at the moment and in turn I'm able to show myself some love and appreciation that I'm doing fine everything is going to be fine, I'm still awesome.

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