Tuesday, December 3, 2013

boring boring boring boring.

I could have written so much today. But I've completely slowed down on posting. Not sure why, for a while there it was because I was incredibly upset by something that happened, now I feel like I'm sort of numb to it, and I just want to forget about those people and what's going on. And just focus on being happy. I told my friend I no longer can handle even talking to him because all it does is make me upset, and she said "remember what you said before, your happiness comes first!" And she's awesome for reminding me of that.

Any ways, exams are going pretty good the reason I say I could have written so much today was because I was home all day doing literally nothing. I don't have an exam for another two days, and my last minute studying technique is working so I'm gonna stick with it. Therefore it's been sitting on my laptop all day. Well I had an 8am exam so I definitely napped. But enough about my incredibly boring day.

 I came across this awesome list today of questions to ask yourself and other people and I thought it would be cool to split them up and go through the whole list here. So I will get right on that, there actually pretty thought provoking I must say, so if you meet someone and you want them to spill their guts, check these out. I have yet to use them as I found them today but I promise I will. I will even tell you when I have done it!

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