Monday, November 18, 2013

The end to my ridiculous weekend.

What is it with ex's this past weekend!? My best friend's ex decides to text her out of the blue cause they never talk any more and start spewing out all this weird shit about being resolving their issues, and how he just broke up with his ex. In the end they decided they would try and be cool but like the way he approached it from the start we both agreed was kinda rude and disrespectful. I literally don't understand how the male species brain functions. It doesn't function. Lets just go with that instead.

I also went to my first poetry slam yesterday. It was amazing. I've never taken a liking to poetry, like I like watching it. And I read, a little bit. But I've never been interested in ever writing it. That hasn't change but the whole thing still fascinates me so much, being someone who enjoys writing. Seeing spoken word in real life, it's literally like the way they perform it, brings the words soo much life. It sounds like maybe a little cheesy but it's true. It's completely different, reading poetry or even watching it in a video, then seeing it spoken in a nice cozy little bar performed and I loved it. I would never be able to judge them because that they even go up there, there is already mad mad respect.

The judges are audience members which is something I don't like because they dont necessarily know what makes a good poem. They are just judging by how entertained they are. Which is hard to determine because the topicss vary so much. I just personally would like to be judged by poets who are way better than me. Not random people.

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