Sunday, November 17, 2013


You just texted me. But like, I feel like I still want to punch you. Straight in the face. Do you think you're right in what that text said. After me being upset, even though you don't fully understand it.. You're gonna come at me and say, seeing her is what makes you happy, and that you're gonna live your life the way you want. Kay well that's awesome go away then. Cause I don't wanna hear or see or know anything more about you and how this fucking bitch makes you happy. Her face makes me wanna puke now.. Not sorry.

It makes me more mad and upset that you can't just be mature and understanding of why I'm upset. Even if you don't agree with it. Because that's what a friend and grown ass man would do. But you're gonna give a half ass attempt at that last message, throw jabs and after say oh, but I still wanna be your friend? Making me look like the bad guy because I want my space and need to delete you and cut ties with our friendship. I'm not the bad guy here. I've been nothing but honest with you from day one.

What are you even trying to say? I feel like I'm being sincere and genuine and admitting my fault in why I'm this upset. And he's trying to shove it in my face and justify why I have no reason to be upset. Am I supposed to bite my tongue and tell you congratulations? That I'm so fucking stoked the last person on the planet I would have ever been okay with you seeing is the girl you're talking to? Am I supposed to throw you a fucking party?


On a side note, and mutual friend sent me the sweetest inbox message on facebook. If you see this I started watching the movie, and I really appreciated you reaching out like that. She understood where I was coming from, which I only think girls are getting, and sympathises with the fact that dealing with ex's is just plain terrible.

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