Saturday, November 16, 2013

madness, and murder.

So I think something might be going on between someone pretty important in my life, and someone else it took me a long time to be cool with..  Like a long time. If this is the case. I've already decided I'm not talking to either of them. I already don't really talk to her. But I will one hundred-thousand percent not be speaking to him.

It all stems from the fact that I know they hung out together.....

The thing that my guy friends aren't grasping is that, it's her. This isn't some random sally off the street. This is someone I had issues with for a long time. Even after the main issue passed and was no longer relevant, issues were still there. So if anything is happening I truly feel like I should know. My girlfriends get it. Because if they do end up dating and I had no idea it was coming, I would FFFFFFUCKing kill someone. I mean I'd want to kill someone regardless, but I would actually kill someone if I didn't know. But if I found out now, I would cut them both off and be done with it, and not have to see it. Hear about it. Deal with it. And she would be aware like: are you fucking dumb, no I would never be cool with you ever again.

He can do whatever he wants. That's not the issue, it's not why I'm bothered, or mad. It's that it's her. And it would be incredibly shady of her. And it would shatter my friendship with him. Completely shatter it.

But whatever, no one wants to tell me the truth right now. And all these people that don't are going to be the ones I plan to murder if the time comes.


Like are you shitting me. I'd rather you date that other weird looking girl you were talking to before! What is this madness. 

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