Friday, November 22, 2013

How To Succeed In Your 20's

I love him.
Ryan O'Connell has the career I want and he hasn't even reached his peak yet. He's one of the talented writers at thought catalog, he also writes for awkward (which coincidently before I knew this, I was already a big fan) and I've read pretty much all of his articles. In this video at one point he says "how did you get your life? Can I have it?" I want to ask him and know these exact same things.

1. Say goodbye to your ego and your vanity
2.Quit your internships
3. LOL at those who doubt you
4. Boundaries
5. Be a hustler 

"I mean basically like when we got our diploma's the world literally was LOLing at us
Be innovative, be fearless, if there's not a job out there for you create one for yourself. Be tenacious, be ballsy and you have to be a little bit of a brat."

Thank you Ryan, thank you.

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