Sunday, October 13, 2013


I've gotten so used to writing blog style, here. Daily. Where I can pretty write whatever I want, how ever I want. So now when I write for my friends website ( check it out!) I literally wrote it more bloggy than anything. And he wants it in a more news style. Which I failed to do. I don't feel insulted in any way, because he wants his mag certain way, and he can back up his comments. I just feel bad because he's an editor and I'm a terribly editor and I give him more work. I'm going to make more of a habit to keep my articles longer before sending them in, and keep looking at them. I feel like I handed this last one in too fast. But anyway, all is good. Things will get better. I just need to learn where to draw a line between adding myself to the article since we're allowed first person but still presenting it as factual music news.

Wish me luck on this journey.

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