Sunday, October 13, 2013

Calling people out

Is that my new thing? I don't know, but I'm getting pretty ballsy with it and feel the need to do it with anyone who feels like they can get away with bullshit now a days. People need to realize the shit you pull is not okay, and that I recognize it and I'm making sure you know, what exactly you did and why you're an (insert preferred insulting name here).

I sent another one of these messages this morning. My guy friend told me last night that like something this guy did that I was talking to, he went about the situation in a totally wrong way, and it made me mad that he thinks he can just do that, to me. I don't know who these guys I deal with, think they are. But that's besides the point. I ended up sending a short but sweet message that should be a beautiful blow to his ego, or at least sting a little.

I feel like all women should be going around calling people out more often. It's empowering, it's makes me feel confident. Like I run shit. Which I do, if you didn't know. And I know that girls are out there, biting their tongue all the time, holding back what they wish they could say because they don't want to come off like a crazy bitch. I say this because that's how I used to feel, and I know I'm not alone because the world doesn't work that way. Not only does it make you feel awesome, but ripping them a new one helps the next girl or person in line, so hopefully they'll be scared to do the same thing and get their shit together.

So we need to continue to speak up, and tell the (insert preferred insulting name here) to pipe the fuck down with their bullshit actions.

My friend also sent me the most awesome text a couple days ago, and it said that. Me and her both just want two guys who seriously need to get their shit together and we don't need guys who won't put in the effort of getting it together for us. It was so true, and she picked the most perfect time to say it when I was upset about something. I appreciated her words so much. She told me it's okay to be sad, but we'll be okay without them.

It's just way better sometimes to hear these words from a good friend, who knows you and knows what you're going through.

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