Sunday, October 27, 2013

I repeat myself a lot. But that's because it's relevant to the moment I'm writing it.

I hate social media. There are very few things about it I actually like. And by very few, I mean Instagram. That's the only thing. Even that I have issues with.

Because you literally can't escape people. Because no one including myself deletes anyone anymore. Therefore someone you're trying not to talk to, or notice or get over, you bet your ass they're seeing every move you make on well in my case, facebook and instagram. And vice versa. The thing is, it's not even done intentionally, because obviously everyone else you know and are cool with follow and we'd want them to see. It always just comes off as being thrown in the other persons (aka my) face. Even though, I need to get over myself and that's not the case. That's what it looks like.

Every time I think I'm doing so awesome, all it takes is seeing a facebook post, or an instagram photo, or an instagram like. By the way, about putting the setting on so people on facebook can see the photos you liked on instagram, it's a terrible idea. I mean I look at them because they're there and it gives me more to lurk, specially on someone I'm trying to get over. But I would never put that on for myself. It exposes you. When naturally not many people would be able to see what you liked, it makes it so the whole world can. So glad that's an option and not mandatory. Also glad this person has it on. Even though, it truly stings a little (a lot?) when he likes terrible terrible photos and mine are apparently not worthy of a double tap. What does a girl gotta do? Are you trying to prove some sort of point? I know, It's sad that I care. It's sad that I'll never know what the hell is up with that.

But back to my main point.

It just hit me how much easier this would be if none of these websites even existed. But than again I'd just be wondering every second what's going on in their life. So do they save me that trouble of those headaches that would come?
Am I complaining about something I'm secretly grateful for?

Nevermind, forget I said anything.

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