Friday, October 11, 2013

20 on 20

Wow I'm 21 years of age, gross. But I totally forgot that I wanted to make this post I was planning to do.
20 things during my year of being 20..

1. I started my first year at my new University.
2. I broke up with my first and only ex boyfriend (one of the hardest things I've ever chosen to do)
3. I got fired for the first time
4. I saw local natives (best show ever)
5. I've been at heavy, heavy emotional lows
6. My brother is a husband, crazy
7. Learned who my real friends are, and how amazing they are
8. I started to take this blog seriously as an outlet for my writing
9. I started and finished breaking bad in less than two weeks
10. I got my first tattoo and second on the last day.
11. I've gained a new sense of confidence
12. I've discovered my, good and not so good dating habits
13. I made the best of an unemployed summer
14. I learned how to do my makeup way better than before
15. Spent a lot of time with myself (specifically because I wasn't working for so long)
16. I saw major lazer three times
17. Went shopping in Buffalo for the first time
18. Gained a better understanding of what I want
19. Regretted hook ups
20. I'v learned, its incredibly hard for to me to let go.

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