Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sometimes I'm hesitant to post shit on my instagram, because part of me feels like I'm bothering people. That's just how I am. I'm not big on attention at all, but I like to be noticed. So that carries out into my mentality here. I don't understand how people, post selfies, or photos of just anything, but they post like several in a row, or throughout the day. Maybe even more than several and sometimes they even post them all through facebook too! I can't do that.

I'm already like, in my head oh goddd, sorry everyone! I even get to the point where I'm like, oh man, my last photo was a selfie I can't post another one, or damn I posted one yesterday. I'm so not in the mindset of most the people who even use this app. I'm okay with that though, because I enjoy being self-aware in that sense. Then there's people making it a fuckin mirror image, or six photo collage. I can't even grasp it.

But after being hesitant I remember that I don't have twitter. Facebook is standard so that doesn't even count anymore. My only other real outlet to share anything with my friends is instagram and sparingly facebook.

So it hits me that I'm not bothering them and sharing other stupid shit on any other social media site. They should be thankful for this, and then I stop giving a crap.

But those people I'm referring to that practice what I was talking about above, lets pray I never, ever reach that point.

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