Friday, September 13, 2013

life changer

I normally don't even share on here when I get tickets to a concert, or if I've gone to one. Any way the ticket my friend bought for me last night (I'm going to pay her back obviously) is by far the best investment I think I'll ever make in an event.

On November 12th 2013 I am going to be in the same vicinity as the one and only Yeezus to watch him perform. He's touring the album I've probably literally, listened to 100 times. No exaggeration there if you knew me on a personal level this summer.

It literally just shot me with instant happiness. I've been waiting to see this man live, for years and years, and I feel like this is the concert I was meant to wait and be patient to get tickets for.

It's going to be such a crucial concert to my entire life, out of all the concerts I have and will ever go to. I'm already calling it being in the top three.

I have nothing but faith in this man, that he will blow my mind.

Like if we're going to be really honest when the opener Kendrick Lamar finishes, I'm probably going to start tearing up. That's how excited I am. And it's in two months. I have no time to mentally prepare.

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