Sunday, November 18, 2012


        Sometimes, being unproductive is really hard for me. I think it might be because when I am in a serious work mode, it's for long periods of time, like when I say I'm going to sit down and "start" something I end up finishing it. I am far beyond my high school procrastination days and have moved on to a less stressful more organized life.

       But today, I took on a totally opposite character than the one I just explained, the most I can say I've accomplished is the tons of music I've downloaded. Which is a major accomplishment because now on my bus rides I don't have to take the entire trip skipping songs because "shuffle songs" on my ipod hates me.

       I can pretty much afford to have 24 hours of doing nothing because I'm on the ball with pretty much everything, it's just hard for me to process sometimes that I've done nothing when this whole semester I've been on a tight day by day work schedule. It's been incredible enjoyable though.

       Then there is my boyfriend, the ultimate procrastinator who I struggle to sympathize. As he stresses and makes no time for me because he has to start and finish everything due that is coming up very soon. I'm trying to be a good influence, and help him out but my habits have become second nature over the span of a couple years,  and he needs a miracle worker.

currently listening to:  crystal castles - III album.
its amazing. check it out!

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