Monday, November 12, 2012

If you haven't noticed

         Under my links, there is no twitter account. It's not because I'm trying to keep it some sort of top secret, I simply don't have one. I honestly don't even think I'm missing out on anything, the super important tweets I always find out in one way or another and that's good enough for me.

         This brings me to the reason why I even created this blog to begin with. I have a sister who has a pretty decent size on-line following, with a youtube (she slacks on videos now), writing, public speaking and styling. She is constantly saying that I absolutely have boost to my "on-line presence" if I'm going to be a successful journalist, or work in the media in the future. Insisting I must get a twitter. Being as stubborn as I am, although I take becoming a professional writer seriously, I don't think it's a good enough reason to be sucked into something that I don't want to. Therefore as a compromise I said I would start a blog.

        Today, I finally stopped being lazy and stuck to my word. This is where I can begin documenting and sharing my thoughts and feelings as I continue my journey through life, finding a career, achieving my goals, knocking stuff off my bucket list and so on.

        Not that I'm incredibly confident this is something that will give me any sort of "on-line presence" my sibling speaks of, but who knows.


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