Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thought Catalog Saint

I've definitely been super lucky lately when it comes to the guidance and help I've been getting from a piece I've been working on for thought catalog. My goal is to have my writing up on this site and hopefully have it happen more often beyond this first one.

She responded pushing me to to organize my thoughts more and narrow down the emotion I'm trying to convey. And then she'll look at it again.

All great advice. It's frustrating that I can't just spit out something that's ready already. Like I'm trying to stay positive and thankful for the chances I'm getting but it's also a little but frustrating at the same time. Not because I think I'm amazing or anything it's because I wish I was able to get this down as easy as it looks like others can do it. I'm being frustrated because I'm being really self critical on my ability to write, well anything.

I know she must see something in me if she's spending anytime at all reading what I'm sending her and getting back to me. These are things she doesn't need to do, specially as fast as she's been responding to me to be honest. She's very quick, I must say.

So this all has to mean something.

I need to stop being so hard on myself because the best thing I can do is take these notes she emailing me and apply them to future pieces I want to submit.

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