Monday, April 28, 2014

Writing wise, today was a good day.

I got a lot done today, and by a lot I mean compared to lately which has been zero to me it's a lot. I need to keep this going.

My submission to thought catalog got passed on which honestly, I wasn't too heartbroken about this time around because honestly after several days went by I hated what I submitted more and more. But the awesome part about it was, how much I expressed I wanted something published and the producer of the site emailed me back. This is the first time anyone has ever responded to something I've sent into TC by the way, and she said they're gonna pass but if I really want something to go up, I can send her another piece I've been working on and she can see if it's game to get published.

And it just so happen after I read this email, naturally I had this really awesome conversation with my friend that involved my grandma wisdom and it inspired me to write about it. And I was much much happier this time around with what I sent in. (because I currently did not have something I've been working on) So I emailed that to her and hopefully since she seems like she's rooting for me that will go up.

It was the best rejection email I've ever received I think. So far at least.

I also recently joined the team which is a music and cool stuff blog by the crazy talented hustlegrl, Karla Moy. Finding something to submit has been looming over my head for the past weekend and today I found two articles to things to cover. Each of them being relevant TODAY. So it kind of worries me when she will get around to posting them because I know relevancy is key to these kind of things.

This is all pretty exciting considering I slowed down for a while on writing and submitting so this is like really getting the ball rolling for awesome things to come this summer.

I need to really stay focused and work hard at this, this summer. There's no option here.

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