Friday, March 21, 2014


I just watched a youtube video by Anna Akana on how to be confident. It was short and sweet and although many people already know what a confident person actually looks like and what they do. It's much better having it all explained one by one all the different parts that add up to presenting confidence.

Her list was:

  • fake it till you make it 
  • change your body language 
  • practice prolonged eye contact 
  • smile/talk to strangers 
  • get out of your head 
  • slow down talking and take your time  

  • All awesome and wonderful pieces of advice, even though some may be obvious I loved it. It was a little slap in the face of how important it can be to come off confident and how far that can actually get you. It made me really think and take it seriously, because like mentioned before the person who makes me terribly nervous, that feeling of wanting to puke is something I need to get over/hide it like a magician till it's gone. The best way to do that is to obviously, come off as confident as possible! Catch my drift now. That's the main reason I was like damn, I cannot come off looking like an idiot, and then I realized in life I should probably work on some of these things on a regular basis.

    Not to say, I'm not a confident person at all, I'm pretty alright in that category, but everyone can make improvements. 

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