Thursday, March 13, 2014

Alt-J "An Awesome Wave"

Have you ever listened to an album that someone says they absolutely love, but you don't know this person well. So listening to it, like gives you this weird warm fuzzy feeling you're getting to know them really well and getting this intuitive sense of who they are by listening to each track knowing they how much they love them.

That was a really long drawn out explanation but even if it's never happened to me, you get it right? That's happening right now with this album I'm listening to, knowing it's one of someone I recently got to know's favourite. I love how this happens.

And it does to me pretty often, specially if I actually end up really liking it. Everyone should try it, when you're first talking to someone I think music is hands down one of the most important things to talk about. It says a lot about a person. I've never experienced it saying anything bad, but it shows who they are in a way that can't exactly be explained with words. If that makes any sense?

So next time you ask someone what their absolute favourite artists are (because you should) take the time after to listen to an album or two.

Just do it. I swear I'm making sense.

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