Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why guys love snapchat

It's been brought to my attention, through the past year or so.. That most boys love sending nudes. Unrequested, voluntary nudes. My theory is that they really just don't care and are dying for the girl to send the same type of pictures back. Which is normally is, that's their trade. This is never the case, for me I mean. I 100% care, and no one gets to see the lady parts unless you're boyfriend status or I'm getting a million dollars. Even then for those things I'll second guess it. But its just fascinating that guys will continuously ask for them and then send them without me having to say anything. I can express zero interest in getting one or ten (cause we all know they can't send just one) or wanting to see their junk. Yet, wait for it... BAM. There they are.

And now that snapchat is popular, both these things have just made this little love connection. Where they literally go hand in hand. I think snapchat is amazing though because everyone is scared to screenshot sometimes unless its been brought up, so they normally just disappear and it's great.

I'm only speaking for myself on this one but the photos don't even work the same way as they would for a guy. They get turned on, by the most basic photos.. I get some full frontal business and I'm just like oh, nice. Like it's cool sometimes and it's awesome when you think about it that they even want to share it with you specifically. But no one is over here getting all worked up that's for sure. I need real life interaction please.

Bottom line though they are still entertaining, if they're done right and from someone I'm actually interested in.
I've over time noticed the same actions from different guys therefore I had to share how the way the male mind works sometimes is terribly beyond me.

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