Monday, January 6, 2014

Dating Is The Worst Way to Find Love And We Should All Stop Doing It
- thought catalog

"What if, as an alternative to the brutal freak show that is normal dating, we just let life happen? What if, instead of carving out intentional moments to try and force love to spontaneously appear, we simply seek out juicy, enriching experiences doing shit that we like and see what kind of people we meet along the way? Spoiler alert: Those people are not only more likely to have things in common with us, but by encountering us when we’re just doing our thing, being our amazing, un-self-conscious, beautiful selves, they are going to understand us much more honestly, much more easily. We are the best versions of ourselves when we are doing what we love, not when we are trying to deliberately convince someone to love us."

The whole article really explains the torture and senselessness of conventional first dates and I completely agree with the article and this ending paragraph really sums it all up.

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