Thursday, December 26, 2013


Sticking to the promise of photos...

Kendrick Lamar opened and his performance was amazing. He's so effortlessly poetic. I don't even listen to him really, he's not on my ipod, I dont know any of his songs but he was still a pleasure to watch.

Whoever helped Kanye create his set list is a pure genius. From start to finish, that shit was a masterpiece.

He started off with mostly songs from yeezus which were all perfect.

A ton of theatrics were put into this concert as well. Religion was a giant theme but it's Kanye so even if you don't understand it, you take it in, you move on, and enjoy being in his presence regardless.

Then the older tracks started to come out, transitioning with little to no break in between and everyone at the ACC lost their minds.

This was during all of the lights of course. The show was well beyond worth the money. His set was long and full of so much. There was no need for an encore, just pure gratitude we were even able to experience that.

Easily the best show I've ever been to.. Out of the manyyy, I've attended.

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