Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Silver Lining In Getting Your Heart Broken

" By a magical combination of positive thinking, healthy reflection, and time, we begin to really heal. All of a sudden, we can see even the faintest silver lining in the dark, hovering clouds. We stop lying to ourselves and we begin to believe that we will be okay, because we can feel ourselves getting better. We are no longer depressed all the time. We are sad at moments but generally we feel alright. We smile real smiles and laugh honest laughs. When we discuss our ex, we are now truthful; we don’t blame everything on them or make them out to be the only ones who made mistakes. We are stable enough to admit our wrongs and regrets. There may still be flickering questions about our past relationship and what happened, but we let them simmer. We have faith that soon, they will be gone forever.

Getting your heart broken is messy and tragic, yet it’s an absolutely incredible experience. It’s one of those rare times when you are forced to reflect deep upon yourself and to rebuild from the inside out, which is a beautiful consequence. As you reassemble your shattered heart, you come face to face with your weaknesses, and that’s scary. But once you are able to recognize and be honest with those insecurities, you get closer to true peace of mind, inner happiness, and a sturdy backbone.

Surviving a broken heart is one of the sole experiences that make us stronger. After feeling destroyed, we find courage we didn’t know we had. We realize that no matter how sad we are to lose that person, we are happy that we got a chance to run recklessly with them than never at all. We learn to cope with never knowing the answers to intensely agonizing questions such as, ‘Why not me?’

We always learn something about who we are after every heartbreaking relationship. We change things in ourselves that we want to change, and we embrace the parts of our character that we like. When we heal, we realize how much we love who we are, and therefore, we have confidence that we will find someone else who sees what we see. We come to terms with the fact that maybe we don’t really know what we want yet, or maybe we were never meant to have it with that person. Either way, with every traumatic break-up comes a better you, and that is something you can count on. "

- thought catalog

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