Sunday, December 8, 2013

Texting excerpt of life's new realizations

The best friend: He's not gonna forget you. You were an important part of his life. But sometimes when you push too hard for something you just push it further away. So whatever is meant to be will happen. And if you guys are meant to get back together again you will. But you can't makee him be your friend just so he won't forget about you. You'll just make him more bitter and ruin it more

Me: I hope soo..
Yeah I think that's why I didn't wanna let him go as a friend. Cause then he'd always be around for us to fix things you know. And by being nice and stuff he'd stop being bitter. That's how I thought about it, but clearly it's the opposite. But yeah I can't push it anymore I just thought I'd say that lastly so he knows how I feel..

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