Sunday, December 8, 2013

sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen - through provoking questions (the end!)

16. Are there things that you sometimes pretend you understand, but actually don’t?
This is a weird question. But I'm 100% sure this happens often. I can't recall them. But I'm sure if you saw me interact in real life you can witness it and notice it's happening.

17. What big lesson could someone learn from your life?
Well my life so far, I think someone can learn just chill out. Don't let anxiousness, insecurities and falling so hard get the best of you. It can be self-destructive. Situations can slip through your fingers faster than you know it if you don't keep this under control. I still don't even have this under control, I just let it happen again the other day. I'm getting better but it's still happening.

18. What have you done lately that’s worth remembering?
I honestly have no idea. I ruined something recently so I guess remember it all. What I did. So with every ounce in me I can avoid letting it happen again.

19. What is the simplest truth you can say with words?
Life goes on.
Even when I feel like, the world is ending. Shit keeps rolling, it's not stopping for nobody.

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