Friday, December 13, 2013

making people laugh is still the best

When I would look at his profile when I couldn’t sleep, months after our only date, I would think about what he told me. I was a Funny Girl. He was good-looking, likely too much so for me, and I was able to make him laugh. It made me think of all the Funny Girls I’d ever known, all the times I’d seen them spin straw into something they could live with, and how much I loved them. I wondered how many of them must have been like me, alone at three in the morning, wishing they could trade a little humour for a little beauty.

I know a Funny Girl when I see one. The body language and urgency of the comebacks and the anxious need to always be on are recognizable to anyone who lives it themselves. I know who they are, and what their mannerisms are really saying, and how badly they wish that they could simply grow out of the part of them that needs to be on defence. Funny Girls, the ones who recoil at the compliments about their sense of humour because they imagine, on some level, that it’s mutually exclusive with being beautiful, are my favourite girls. In the weedy growths of their painful adolescence, there is often something so strong and so resilient. There is a need to be heard, mostly because they feel they will not be seen. They will make you smile and wince in equal measure because they have never been able to soften their feelings with a pleasant package. Their humor is in their rejection, and their triumph will be in getting everyone else to laugh with them.

-Excerpt from: To The Funny Girls

It's weird because I always thought being able to make a guy or anyone for that matter laugh was so awesome. I never exactly associated it with being less beautiful and attractive. In my mind I was like "what you're laughing! Hey bonus!" I hadn't looked at it as a handicap in the sense like this part of the piece is saying. It doesn't even make real sense to me when I think about it. Funny girls, are hands down the coolest chicks out there, yet because of this they somehow don't meet the standards in other categories? I know this is situational, but I'm addressing a popular opinion, or something based off majority results I guess. You know what I mean. I know I love it when people tell me I'm funny, but I can't lie and say I don't relate to those two paragraphs up there. I mean when I think about the times I thought it was so great I could make them laugh, it didn't always bank for the best outcome in the dating department..

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