Saturday, December 7, 2013


"I love you enough to write poetry and essays of your value, volumes on your worth. I know writing them will not draw from you the emotional reciprocation I crave, but I want you to read them anyway…to stumble upon this in some dark corner of the Internet in the late night, lean back in your seat the way you do, and wonder to yourself, “Did she write this about me?” "  
Most of what I write is about him, he's the only person I know who knows how to find this, who I've directly written about. I've been hoping for months now that he stumbles across it sometimes. I want him to sift through all the gibberish, the random posts and notice that I mean what I say to him. I want him to understand how much I miss him. That I'll love him always like I said for two and a half years. And I'll patiently fight for him.. till he realizes.  

At this point I'm trying to deal with it the best way I can by occupying myself. But I'd drop anything and anyone to be with him again. (Even though there's no one to drop, you get my point) Being with him again is so important. 

I'll always be here. 
I'll always be fighting. 

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