Thursday, November 21, 2013

What the fuck John Legend?

I finally listened to his latest album cause a friend posted made to love on facebook long long ago and it made my ears so happy. But now that I'm almost finished listening to the whole album (of course downloaded that deluxe edition). This is just not the album to listen to if you're trying to move on and/or forget about someone and/or not talk to someone you loved. Not at all.

Don't get my wrong, the music is glorious and his voice is angelic. But let's be serious, if you wan't an album that will absolutely not help you when you're in this situation, it's this damn album. It makes you reminisce like a mother fucker. Like common John, why you gotta do that?

I mean if I wasn't in an extra sad, confused, weird, lonely mood I would totally love this because I haven't found a song yet that I would want to skip. They're all pretty awesome. But I'm on the second last track now and I'm going to have to put this shit away for a while after it's done until I hit another, happier more positive point in my life. Cause I'm about to cry. Well not actually cry, but you know what I mean... No I lied I'm gonna cry.

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