Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Love Letter To The Boys Who Can’t Love Back
This was so relevant, it was from someone, who repeatedly gets rejected and humiliated and plays up emotions that aren't there. Which I admit to doing time and time again. But it couldn't have been expressed more perfectly. Every single part of it.

" Because there are only so many times you can get rejected before you start to realize that it isn’t the end of the world, regardless of how it might feel in the moment. Eventually, you understand that happiness and validation aren’t limited resources that you must siphon from everyone who shows you even brief attention, but rather something that you will have to enter into any relationship carrying a healthy supply of. "

"Although I know that you were perhaps colder to me than you should have been, our real problem was incompatibility. You wanted someone, you just didn’t want me, and that was the hardest thing to accept by far. But now that I understand it, I have gained a certain kind of sympathy for you. There’s something wonderful in knowing that I can stop torturing myself with questions of what I could have done differently, because my only mistake was being who I am. And you don’t know it, and you never will, but I am pretty great."

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