Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Alone on my four hour break, so the posts keep coming

So today me and my brother were on our way to school, he was driving and there was a women named Ashley Graham on the radio who is a "plus size" model. She prefers to be called curvy, but that's besides the point right now. Oh, by the way she's a smoke show.

Anyway, she explained that she is 5 foot 9, size 14 , 190 pounds and that she wants to advocate that women can love their cellulite and curves and what not and be happy with their body. That the photos we see in magazines, even of herself are edited and altered so ridiculously. So women shouldn't hold that up as any standard.

My brother chimes in and says I don't know how I feel about that. That sounds a bit like lazy talk to me. Now, something to remember is that, my brother is a personal trainer, and big into fitness and all that stuff. So in his mind, he knows it's possible to look the way you want to. He tells his clients that, he did it. His job revolves around being proactive. So for him to hear someone say, just love yourself the way you are, just doesn't sit well with him.

It made me wonder and realize that although his mindset is a bit harsh, and god knows his daughter is going to have to deal with that -- it makes sense. He's  thinking logically. It's easier to have to go into the psychological part in making yourself be happy about your body when you can just make your body look how you want it to. He's a walking Nike ad saying "just do it".

I just feel like people besides my brother need to advocate that more too. We agreed obesity is a real thing, being so unhealthy your life is in jeopardy is a real thing. And I feel like this whole love yourself no matter what, is super circumstantial and can't necessarily apply to everyone. In that sense, I feel like it can get pretty dangerous.

I'm all for a curvy girl. But above all, I'm all for a healthy girl too.

Side Note: anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely hate motivational songs too. I don't even know why. I think I hate that they tell everyone to love themselves, that everyone is awesome, we're all perfect. When in actuality I hate pretty much everyone. So maybe I'm cold and I just don't want singers telling people that shit.

So moral of the story, me and my brother clearly enjoy shooting down those trying to do good for others.

Which is funny because our sister is a motivational speaker.

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