Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scratch those nice things I said

My friends are such a disappointment sometimes. I wanted to go to Hoodie Allen for my birthday, long before I wanted to go out for drinks. Anyway, I got my ticket a long time ago. (mistake number one) Because I got my ticket alone, by myself. Hoping my friends would get one too, since they all said they were down and would come cause they want to see him to. So the time comes for the concert, today. And yesterday they both tell me they never got their ticket and they can't come.

I'm furious.

If this was me, if I knew my friend had a ticket. I would feel bad. I would go, because I know they really wanted to go, and I said I would go. This is why I get so fucking mad when people do stupidness like this because I would personally never ever pull it on anyone else. You would think, your friends would have generally the same moral standards as you right?! Believe it or not, thats not the case. I can probably name maybe two or three people I know who have the same courteous, respectful mindset as me.

It literally makes me never want to never ever go to a show with them ever again. Bottom line.

I can't believe this, I've wanted to see him for so long, and I'm giving up an opportunity because they were so last minute to tell me they both can't come. Are you fucking shitting me. Neither of them were even apologetic about it.

UGH I'm stressed already, and wasting money which I pretty much am, because since I'll be getting there late scalping it will be hard, makes me so fucking mad.

If they were super sorry and felt bad and shit I wouldn't be as mad. But they clearly just didn't care and they should have told me that before.

fuck everyone.

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