Friday, October 18, 2013

An entire day of peace

Today, being home alone for pretty much all of it. I was able to spend more peaceful time in the kitchen. Being in the kitchen alone, is my favourite thing in the world. (fact: when my mom is home she is always always in it) So when I'm in it by myself, I can take my time, not have to listen to anyone else, bring my laptop down and it's sort of relaxing. See! I need to live alone. Anyway, today I baked peanut butter cookies, which turned out delicious. Then tonight for my dinner I made pasta, which turned out actually pretty good. I was shocked. I was guessing for that whole process but I knew it couldn't have been that hard.

I'm proud of myself, because literally the world thinks I'm going to starve and spend all my money buying food if I ever were to move out. Or make eggs every single meal, which I pretty much eat everyday already. But if I want to eat. I'm going to make something to eat, that I feel like eating. People who doubt me, aka family, need to chill out! I'll survive everyone don't worry.

I also want to start going to the gym again, and stay healthy year round. Instead of just starting full throttle when April rolls around for summer. I want to feel good about myself, in every way possible.

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